Career Connections

As a Mason Patriot, you have the benefit of being connected to a network of thousands of other students, alumni, and employers. They can help you whether you are choosing a major, looking for an internship, or figuring out your first step after Mason.

Connect with members of Mason Nation

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1. Peers

Message other Mason students to learn what they enjoy about their major, how they found their internship, and for their top interviewing tips.  It’s easy to use the peer messaging feature on Handshake. 

  1. Log in to Handshake 
  2. Go to the Students section
  3. Use filters to find peers by major, school, previous employers, and more 
  4. Select the “Message” button to connect with students or alumni open to being contacted 
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2. Alumni

Connect with Mason graduates to learn about how they use their degree, insight into how they began or advanced their career, what they wish they had known when they were still students, and feedback on your resume. LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with alumni:  

  1. Create a free LinkedIn account, if you haven’t already, and log in
  2. Go to the George Mason University LinkedIn page
  3. Use the Search box to find alumni 
  4. Identify alumni by "What they do", "What they study", or "Where they work" (click Next for more options)
  5. Scroll down to Connect with alumni using a brief note like the one below
Hello Eric,
I’m a Global Affairs student at Mason (Go Patriots!) and am interested in connecting with you to learn about how you went about job searching after graduation. May I ask you a few questions?
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3. Employers

Many employers are willing to talk with you before you apply for a job with them.  Reach out to express your interest, learn more about career paths within the organization, and find out how to make yourself a competitive applicant for future openings.  To find contact information for people who work at organizations of interest, use Handshake: 

  1. Log in to Handshake 
  2. Go to the Employers section
  3. Search for employers of interest 
  4. Browse their page and check for a Public Staff List 
  5. Send a message to employers open to being contacted  
Hello Natasha Franklin,
Thank you for being on Handshake. I am a second-year student. Would you be available to briefly discuss your internship program? 
Naseer Shah

Up to 85% of jobs are filled through personal or professional connections. In this video, you'll get advice from an employer explaining the importance of career connections as part of the job search.

In the resources below, you'll find templates for requesting a career conversation, sample questions to ask, and tips for staying connected.