Clearance Ready Program

Matt Myers

Matt Myers, Associate Director, Employer and Alumni Engagement

The Clearance Ready program is an initiative to help Mason students prepare for the security clearance process. Each semester, Career Services hosts interactive workshops, in which employers are invited to co-present, serve on panels, and field questions from students regarding the clearance process. In addition to giving back, this allows employers access to motivated students interested in a career in the cleared space.

Nearly 1,000 students representing each of Mason’s schools and colleges have participated in the Clearance Ready Program. So far, more than 30 employers have volunteered to support the program.

Why participate?

As a small business, we have limited resources and time to search for candidates to nominate for a clearance. The Clearance Ready Program helps us quickly get connected with students who are eager to enter the “cleared” job market and enables us to create a “talent pool” for our public sector marketplace.

John Amos, President & CEO, Invex Technology Solutions

Who can participate?

  • Employers who hire for positions that require a security clearance
  • Recruiters, investigators, security professionals, and others with a strong knowledge of the clearance process

How to get involved?

Email Matt Myers if you would like to:

  • Be a co-presenter/panelist for any of the following Clearance Ready Program events:

    • Introduction to Security Clearances session (great place to start)
    • Industry focused panel discussions regarding clearances
    • Workshops on strategies to effectively complete required forms (SF-86)
    • Discussions on specific adjudicated points in the background investigation
  • Host a site visit for a group of Clearance Ready student participants