Mason is your source for top talent.

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Mason is the Biggest

With 39K+ students and more than 200 degree programs, we are the fastest growing public research university in the nation and Virginia's largest. We help you tap into Mason's talent pipeline to build, fuel, and evolve the future global economy.

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Mason Students are Making Moves

They're moving into businesses and organizations for experiential learning and to do work of consequence. We can partner with your organization to identify and connect to a diverse candidate pool to fill your next internship or job opening.

George Mason University graduate's mortarboard cap decorated with the phrase "Hello Real World" in block letters and gold glitter
Mason Grads are Prepared

We know organizations like yours rely on talent with transferrable and technical skills. Mason grads bring those strengths to work on day one. Our Employer and Alumni Engagement Consultants can connect you to ready-to-work talent.

The most effective recruiting strategy at Mason follows four specific steps.

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We would be delighted to introduce you to our campus community and support your efforts to recruit our talented students and alumni.


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