Clearance Ready Program

Where to find Clearance Ready events? 

  • View the Events Calendar to find events labeled as “Clearance Ready” 
  • No RSVP is required unless otherwise noted 

"I believe that by being a part of this program it has helped me get my first internship with a big government contractor and I am sure it will open more doors for me as I progress through my years here.” 

Mason Finance Major  

Clearance Ready Program  

The Clearance Ready Program helps Mason students prepare to obtain a security clearance, which is essential for positions that include access to national intelligence information. Many top employers of Mason students require security clearances. Employers range from federal agencies to federal contractors, such as, but not limited to:

BAE Systems Perspecta
CACI U.S. Department of Defense
Federal Emergency Management Agency U.S. Department of Justice
Lockheed Martin U.S. Department of State
MITRE U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Naval Information Warfare Center U.S. Geological Survey
Northrop Grumman U.S. Naval Research Lab

Why join?

  • Gain an inside view of the security clearance process  
  • Receive exclusive access to employer events 
  • Get priority registration for site visits

Who should join? 

  • Those with U.S. citizenship (which is required for a security clearance) 
  • Students from all majors/programs of study interested in national security, intelligence, law enforcement, government contracting, foreign service, and international development  

When to join? 

  • You can join at any time while at Mason, but the earlier you do, the better

What are the program requirements? 

  • You MUST have U.S. Citizenship
  • Attend an Introduction to Clearances workshop
  • And attend two additional Clearance Ready events per semester, such as:
    • Employer panel discussions on careers that require a clearance 
    • Workshops on strategies to effectively complete required forms (SF-86) 
    • Discussions on what is evaluated in a background investigation 
    • Or call 703-993-2370 to make an appointment with your career advisor

NOTE: The Clearance Ready program DOES NOT issue a clearance. The only way to obtain a clearance is by first receiving a job offer for a cleared position. The employer sponsors the clearance process. Individuals are not able to purchase their own clearances.