Find a Job or Internship

Top 5 ways Mason graduates got their jobs

1. Internships turned into a permanent position
2. Job search websites (LinkedIn, Indeed, Idealist, etc.)
3. Informal networking (friends, family, co-worker, alumni, word-of-mouth)
4. Company or organization's own website
5. Formal networking events (career fair, workshop, employer event, club or organization event)

Use Handshake to find jobs and internships 

Handshake is Mason’s job search platform for on-campus, part-time, work-study, internship, and full-time jobs. You can find thousands of opportunities in Handshake at any time.  

  • Find opportunities with on-campus employers, startups, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and more. 
  • Once your profile is complete, Handshake will show you internships and jobs that match your major, interests, and skills.
  • Employers message students with event invites, interview requests, and other opportunities. 

Get started now

An account has already been created for you. Follow these steps to log in:

  1. Go to Handshake
  2. Select the blue George Mason Students button
  3. Log in using your Mason Net ID and password

If you have issues logging into Handshake, call 703-993-2370 or email us at

Search, save, and apply for jobs in Handshake

Apply for positions with upcoming interviews

Using Handshake to find On-Campus Interviews

  1. Log in to Handshake
  2. Go to "Jobs"
  3. Select “All filters”
  4. Under “Job Type” select “Interviewing on Campus” to view schedules and apply!


  • Interview dates are prescheduled. You will be able to sign up for an interview immediately or you will be notified soon after applying if you have been selected.
  • Interviews take place on the Fairfax campus or virtually. You will save time and money not having to travel to the employer's office location to interview.
  • Employers who make the effort to come to campus to interview love hiring Mason students and alumni!

More ways to find jobs and internships

  • Make connections to create your own Career Advisory Board
    • Join your peers in student organizations related to your career field
    • Ask your professors about job or internship opportunities
    • Connect with Mason alumni who share your career interests and have a career conversation with them
  • Use job search sites specific to your career field
  • Attend career fairs and employer events
  • Get advice from Interstride on finding an international job:
    • Log into Interstride with your Mason email address and Net ID.
    • Select the "Jobs" tab.
    • Select the "Country Insights" tab.
    • Search for and select a specific country in the list to access resources.