Overview of Education Careers

Education careers focus on facilitating learning and helping people of all ages and abilities to expand their knowledge, skills, and interests.   

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Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors

From elementary through high school, school counselors work with students and their families, school staff, and the community to create an environment that promotes academic success and positive social interaction.

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Earn a Degree

Earn Degree

To work in the field of Education, it is recommended to have a strong background in curriculum design, differentiated instruction, and human development. Majors, minors, and degree information can be found in the Mason catalog. 

In addition to your degree, earning state licensure can increase your employment options in the field of Education. 

Other useful certifications: 

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Gain Experiences

Gain Experiences

Employers expect at least six to twelve months of related experience to be competitive for full-time positions.

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Market Yourself


Market Yourself

It is important for you to be able to clearly communicate the knowledge, skills, and experiences you have gained in and outside of the classroom. 

Below are top ways to showcase your qualifications to Education employers:


Watch these useful videos on creating a teaching portfolio to showcase your relevant skills and experiences: 

Read this article to learn how to convert your LinkedIn profile into an online portfolio: 


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Career Ready

Career Ready

Career ready Mason grads have gone on to work for Education employers, such as:

George Mason University

Fairfax County Public Schools

Loudoun County Public Schools

Prince William County Public Schools

Northern Virginia Community College

Arlington County Public Schools

District of Columbia Public Schools

Alexandria City Public Schools

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