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Overview of Arts and Entertainment

Careers in Arts and Entertainment use a variety of methods to produce creative content that tell stories, share information, and amuse or move audiences. 

Get details on the salary and job security of these Arts and Entertainment careers:  

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Earn a Degree


Earn Degree

To work in Arts and Entertainment it is recommended to have a strong background in artistic imagination, connecting with an audience, technical skills, collaboration, and the ability to receive criticism. Majors, minors, and degree information can be found in the Mason Catalog.   

Proactively seek ways to develop your talents through master classes, audition classes, and entrepreneurship-based courses. Find opportunities by talking to your instructors and classmates or follow artists and organizations that inspire you. Here are a few organizations with helpful resources for artists:

For Game Design, a ScrumMaster certification can increase your marketability.

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Gain Experiences

Gain Experiences

Employers are expecting candidates to have at least six to twelve months of related experience to be competitive for full-time positions. Gain experience while you are a student at Mason.

Here are the types of experiences most valued by Arts and Entertainment employers, and where to find them:


Freelance (typically paid)



Apprenticeships include a structured training plan, with a focus on mastering specific skills an employer needs within their organization. Seasonal apprenticeships are commonly offered at performing arts venues like Studio Theatre.

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Market Yourself


Market Yourself

It is important for you to be able to clearly communicate the knowledge, skills, and experiences you have gained in and outside of the classroom. 

Below are top ways to showcase your qualifications to Arts and Entertainment employers:

Demos and Videos



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Career Ready

Career Ready

Career ready Mason grads have gone on to work for Arts and Entertainment employers, such as:

Bethesda Softworks

Fairfax County Public Schools - Choral

Smithsonian Institution

Breakout Games

Hylton Performing Arts Center

Virginia Serious Game Institute

Dance for Chicago

Shakespeare Theatre Company

Washington West International Film Festival 

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Get involved with academic and professional Arts and Entertainment societies to grow your network while you're a student.