Overview of Accounting

Accounting is the strategic practice of consolidating financial information to make it clear and understandable. It focuses on recording, organizing, and communicating financial data.

Learn about the basic job duties, education requirements, career/salary advancement potential, and travel possibilities for the accounting profession.

Get details on the salary and job security of these accounting careers: 

Get Career Ready for Accounting

Find out what it takes to land a career in accounting

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Earn a Degree

Earn Degree

To work in the field of accounting, it is recommended to have an accounting degree. Majors, minors, and degree information can be found in the Mason Catalog.   

In addition to your degree, formal certifications can increase your employment options in the field of accounting. Here are a few: 

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Gain Experiences

Gain Experiences

Employers are expecting candidates to have at least six to twelve months of related experience to be competitive for full-time positions. Gain experience while you are a student at Mason.

Here are the types of experiences most valued by accounting employers, and where to find them: 


  • Participate in a short two-to-five-day glimpse into the world of accounting, offered by many financial institutions.  Inquire with companies such as KPMG LLP  and Kearney & Company for opportunities.


NOTE: Accounting firms conduct On-campus Interviews at Mason, primarily in the fall semester. 


  1. Log in to Handshake 
  2. Go to "Events" 
  3. Select "On-Campus Interview" to view employer schedules and apply 
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Market Yourself

Market Yourself

It is important for you to be able to clearly communicate the knowledge, skills, and experiences you have gained in and outside of the classroom.

  Below are top ways to showcase your qualifications to accounting employers: 

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Career Ready

Career Ready

Career ready Mason grads have gone on to work for accounting employers, such as:

Cordia Partners


Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac

Grant Thorton LLC

Kearney & Company


Marriot International


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Join the accounting community

Get involved with academic and professional accounting society to grow your network while you're a student.